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Our mission is to advance technology for humanity by creating and contributing to inspiring, emerging, and re‑purposed software‑related technologies.

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CSX Labs (Computer Science Exploration Laboratories) is a collection of open research and development laboratories dedicated to exploring, developing, and promoting unsaturated technologies for the advancement of humanity.




We develop tailor-made solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on the delivery of projects and the maintainability of our code.



We design backends that scale. Whether you are a small business or government, we can design a scaleable and compliant on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native architecture for your project.



We conduct research on emerging areas of technology, as in areas that have the potential to change lives all across the globe. From Quantum to Generative AI, no project is too ambitous for our youthful team.


To see a glimpse into our research, visit our GitHub. We are committed to open source. Don't believe us? This website's code is open source, as well as our corporate website's code.

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